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We at Sunshine FPC, Inc. are committed to our continual review & re-evaluation of our product offering and production activities to ensure that our focus remains constant. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness and environmentally friendliness. This can only be achieved through our awareness and consideration of our employees, community, customers and suppliers.


Our Employees

Our employees participate in monthly training sessions pertaining to a wide variety of topics such as personal health and safety,  food contact packaging safety awareness and proper procedures, general working habits,  waste reduction & recycling and as well as environmental awareness and participation in reducing our carbon footprint.


Our Community

Our efforts in the efficient use of energy, has allowed Sunshine FPC, Inc. to create partnerships with our local utilities suppliers as well as 3rd party power auditors, monitoring our usage and developing strategies for efficiencies and reductions. 

Incentive Rebate programs by both Southern California Edison®, an Edison International Company and Sothern California Gas Company, a Sempra Energy Utility®, have been utilized to allow us to enhance our production processes towards our sustainability goals.Regulatory compliance is taken seriously in our processes as we monitor, maintain and submit appropriate reports as required under all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit provisions.The South Coast Air Quality District, SCAQMD, has established the criteria of BACT (Best Available Control Technology) for emission control.  Sunshine FPC, Inc. has adapted to this criteria with the recent upgrade of our control system of a RTO, Regenerative Thermo Oxidizer, which increases efficiency and reduces the amount of natural gas and electrical power required for operation. We maintain 100% containment of the VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds, found in our printing process and 98.6% of these VOCs are destroyed with our oxidizer and permitted system. 

Storm water flow is monitored and regulated by the Los Angeles Region of the California Water Quality Control board.  Sunshine FPC, Inc. is permitted by this agency and maintains proper monitoring and reporting to ensure compliance against improper materials flowing through storm run-off systems.  Proper employee training and procedures are in place to maintain proper handling of materials and to identify when containment and clean-up are required.  Storm water run-off is monitored, tested, recorded and included in an annual report as required by our permit.


Recycling Materials

Sunshine assisted the City of Montebello in their initial surveys, establishment of policies and implementation of their recycling program.  The presorting of reusable or recyclable materials is a continual activity, as it identifies material as  either reintroduced as is or reprocessed from its current form and then reintroduced into the supply chain which reduces the amount of waste material ending up in our landfills.

Due to our core business focus on food packaging, we are not able to utilize “re-pro”, reprocessed materials in our products.  Therefore, we have developed internal programs to handle scrap film generated in our production process, which is collected and sent to a recycling facility for re-pelletizing and sold to users of secondary tier resin.


Biodegradability & Compostability

We have developed supplier partnerships for the sourcing of both FDA compliant biodegradability formulations for our own film extrusion production lines as well as film suppliers that produce various compostable substrates for food contact packaging as well.


Our Suppliers

Our suppliers of raw or finished materials utilized in our production process and eventually delivered to end users are required to maintain the same level of awareness and sustainability commitment to their operation, community and environment.  We have developed specific criteria for our qualification of current and prospective suppliers. 

The criteria is based on quality, performance and their ability in maintaining the proper specifications and confirming this through the issuance of appropriate COA’s Certificate of Analysis, or COC’s, Certificate of Compliance, for their products that become an integral component of our supply chain here at Sunshine FPC, Inc.