Sunshine FPC Wins Big at the 2019 Excellence in Flexography Awards


Sunshine FPC is proud to announce it has recently received prestigious industry accolades. In the month of May, the company announced it had earned the Flexographic Technical Association's 2019 Best of Show Award. Along with three more Gold Awards for 2019.  This marks a unprecedented streak of consecutive wins for a decade. For 60 years, the Flexographic Technological Association has saluted the flexography’s finest work with the most prestigious and long-running annual competition in the world. The entries were judged by innovation, degree of difficulty and level of technical execution.

“Beyond great quality and service. At Sunshine, we are aware of the responsibility to tell our customers’ story with impact and value to the retail consumer,”  said James Chuang, Owner of Sunshine FPC.

Sunshine FPC wins 10th straight!

It's a "Golden Moment" as Sunshine FPC wins its 10th consecutive Gold Medal Award from the international FTA   competition. Considered one   of the most celebrated competitions in the world since 1958, the FTA international competition recognizes best in class excellence from the flexographic industry’s leading printers & manufacturers. Product is judged by a jury of leading international design and flexographic experts that evaluate based on external aesthetics and criteria including functionality, technical difficulty and innovation.


Sunshine FPC wins 2017 FlexoTech International Award

Sunshine FPC is proud to be honored with the 2017 FlexoTech International Award. This distinguished award celebrates Sunshine FPC’s relentless pursuit in quality and leadership in flexible packaging across the European continents. “We’re humbled by this recognition and will continue to deliver the best quality product and unsurpassed service to our network of clients.” -James Chuang, President of Sunshine FPC.


A Magnificent Triumph

Sunshine FPC is the proud recipient of FlexoTech International’s 2016 Best of Print Award. The Flexotech International Print and Innovations Awards are distinguished and celebrated worldwide, seeing submissions from industry leaders with the highest standard for printing across European continents. A prestigious win for our hard-working team. 


Sunshine takes home double wins at this years Excellence in Flexography Awards!

When clients envision vibrant and wildly detailed results for their packaging, they come to Sunshine. Flexographic printing requires a level of passion and execution that continues to bring Sunshine recognition amongst the best in the industry. It is with great delight that we announce our 7th consecutive win of “Best of Show” awards in the 2016 Excellence in Flexography Awards. With over 2,500 entries from around the world, Sunshine received double the honors for its Roast Figs and Apricots Wrapper and its Jeweled Nougat Delights Wrapper. Winning Best of Show in the wide web sector and crossing new boundaries into the mid web category.

Sunshine FPC won Best of Show in the 2015

Employing untried screening technologies for a job presenting a high degree of technical challenges was not the easiest route. Today, we are proud to announce the flexographic industry has encouraged such efforts. Sunshine took home the prestigious Best of Show Award at the 2015 FTA International competition. We’ve set a new benchmark for GRACOL Densities by producing a wider color Gamut and eradicating previous standards. “Their commitment to continuous development has clearly earned Sunshine an industry- leading position,” said Dr John Anderson of KODAK, “There are a lot of elements here, all of which add to the degree of difficulty.” “You guys are Printing Tomorrow, Today”.