Matte Finish:

Manufactured paper-look offers a premium look to a package. Superior yield to paper and offers a more durable surface. Protects ink from scuffing.

High Barrier:

Product offerings that can increase shelf life. Alternative to foil and multiply laminations. Also used for lidding applications.

Metalized Substrates:

Enhances product shelf appeal. Performance moisture and oxygen barriers.

Film Structure Offerings:

Sunshine offers a wide range of film structures and converts a variety of substrates. Sunshine often works with PET, BOPP, Metalized substrates, Barrier Coated Films, Nylon, Coextruded PE based films, Surlyn, Foil based cosmetic and pharmaceutical webs, to OTR controlled PE structures. These materials can often be used for laminated or unsupported rollstock. Our packaging professionals can assist in designing the most suitable package for each required application.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Alternative Green substrates and source reduction. Oxo-degradable and Compostable film offerings.

Multi-Ply Laminations:

Strong puncture resistance, offers zipper compatibility, barrier attributes.

Stand-up Pouches:

Excellent shelf presence. Great alternative to rigid packaging. Offers “Impact” effect for store display.

Anti-Fog Packages:

Maintains optical shelf appeal in cooler condition. Reduces condensation.

Atmosphere Control:

Film offerings specifically engineered to enhance oxygen transmission. Each product requires different oxygen permeability. By affecting the amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture within the package at the appropriate storage temperature. The modified atmosphere packaging enables to live longer by delaying respiration, ripening, and ethylene production.

Specialty Bags:

Unique offering of square bottom bakery bags and enhanced sealed performance bags.